Takeaway food must be pre-ordered – please call us on

01873 840206 or 07793941408

or email

Takeaway Menu (Thursday - Saturday 10am-2pm)


Bacon or sausage sandwich, with or without eggs

Croque monsieur or madame (with eggs)


Bacon, laverbread , cockles, fried egg and fried bread

German sausages, Boston baked beans and potato pancakes

Beetroot cured salmon & scrambled or poached eggs with blinis

Leek and laver rissoles, Boston baked beans eggs & potato

Ranch style eggs and paprika fried potatoes (with or without chorizo)

Breakfast pizza

Smoked haddock kedgeree

Pancakes V

Takeaway Menu (Thursday - Saturday 6-10pm)

Bread rolls £1.50 V

Todays soup & rolls £6.00

£10 Menu

Today's pie & mash

Bourride of shellfish 

Faggots & peas with Mash or Chips

Chicken goujons, chips and salad

Teriyaki chicken with sweetcorn fritters & avocado salad

Lemongrass chicken curry & rice 

Cider-baked ham with parsley sauce, bubble and squeak 

Bacon, laverbread & cockles

Lentil moussaka with greek salad V

Leek & Laverbread rissoles with salad & beetroot chutney V

Cheese & nut stuffed aubergine with garlic & rosemary potatoes V

£13.50 Menu

Salmon in filo pastry leek & cockle sauce, new potatoes

Duck and pork cassoulet

Fillets of lemon sole with orange & fennel with new potatoes 

Pollock in beer batter with chips & greens

Smoked haddock with Y-Fenni cheese with  bubble & squeak 

Brodetta of seafood

Rump steak with pink peppercorn sauce or tomato, olive & anchovy sauce, with chips

Bacon, leek & cockles with black pasta

Side orders £3.50 

Chunky chips or Fries 

Today's vegetables

Tomato & herb salad

Green salad
Mixed salad

Pizza Menu (Wednesday 6-8pm)


All pizzas £10.00

Orders taken all day - collection from 6 - 8pm

Takeaway beer, cider & wine also available

Chicken & bacon

Tandoori Turkey


Chicken & bacon


Breakfast pizza

Pulled pork & black pudding

Cheese & tomato

Ham & pineapple

Add jalapeños or anchovies

Add chips £3.00


Sunday Lunch (12–3pm)

3 Courses £18.50

2 Courses £15.50

1 Course £12.50

Seafood soup

Beetroot roulade with Serrano ham

Seafood pancake

Wild mushroom soup V

Leek and laver rissoles with beetroot chutney V

Mini spring rolls V

Roast pink topside & slow cooked brisket Hereford beef with herb Yorkshire

Roast goose with apple sauce and toad in the hole

Cider baked ham with parsley and mustard sauce

Salmon in filo pastry with leeks and cockles

Smoked haddock with Y-Fenni cheese

Cheese and nut stuffed aubergine V

Mushroom, hazelnut and celeriac pie V

Christmas pudding with brandy custard

Raspberry and white chocolate cheesecake

Hazelnut meringue with pistachio ice cream

Brioche and marmalade bread and butter pudding

Chocolate and rum charlotte

Selection of Welsh cheeses

Selection of ice cream


Coffee £3.50



All dishes £4.80

Bread, sardine paste and olives

 Today's soup and rolls

Meatballs with chorizo and peppers

Steamed mussels withtomato and basil

Prawn and chorizo kebab 

Three welsh cheeses with welsh honey and soda bread

Cheeseburger with chorizo sauce

Garlic and herb prawns

Catalan tomato bread with anchovies 

Piri piri chicken skewers

Snails with garlic and herbs   

Serrano ham and Chirozo

Chicken goujons with chilli mayo

Belly pork & black pudding with fried apple

Duck and pork rillette with beetroot chutney

Calamari in beer batter with aioli 

Fried cockles and laverbread

 Mini spring rolls V

Walnut & Caerphilly stuffed mushrooms V

Mashed avocado with tomato and grilled cheddar V

Potato and herb omelette V

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